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The Engine Block

The Engine Block is where cars and car culture are truly celebrated

It is a home for the Irish car community and for leading likeminded businesses whose passion it is to provide and preserve the finest classic and performance cars in Ireland.

Rare Vehicles

You’re guaranteed to see something unique each week with some of the worlds rarest cars and bikes making a pitstop on our block.

Weekly Events

Check out our events section to see our upcoming events including our free car shows. Every day is a car show at The Engine Block!

Business Hub

The Engine Block is a hub for car centric businesses to thrive. See all of the businesses running on the block in our Directory.

Car Shows

Come along to our free showings each week. Grab a free ticket to ensure you get in and hang out with some of the biggest car experts in Ireland.

Oh, & We Have Coffee

Feast Your Eyes On 'Some Aul Bus'

Barista brewed coffee and freshly baked pastries served every day onsite from our repurposed double decker bus. Perfect for a sit down and a chat.

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